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College of Arts and Sciences Department of Psychology

Advance Quantitative Methods

The curriculum in the Department of Psychology at Washington State University provides students with the opportunity to acquire skills in advanced quantitative methods.

In addition to the two courses that all clinical psychology graduate students are required to take in their first year (i.e., Analysis of Variance and Experimental Design; and Correlation, Regression, and Quasi-Experimental Design), clinical students also have the opportunity to take three additional courses.

These courses are:

  1. Psychometrics (i.e., measurement theory and applied confirmatory factor analysis);
  2. Applied Structural Equation Modeling (i.e., path analysis, structural regression analysis; latent growth curve analysis; multilevel analysis; and mixture analysis); and
  3. Multilevel and Synthesized Data (e.g., meta-analysis).

Students apply the skills learned in this sequence of five courses to their particular research interests. The goal of this training is to prepare students for research careers.

Applicants should contact Dr. Burns (clinical psychology) or Dr. Parks (experimental psychology) if they have questions about this area of training.

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