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Washington State University
College of Arts and Sciences Department of Psychology

DIPC LogoMission of the Diversity in Psychology Committee

Welcome to the Diversity in Psychology Committee (DIPC)! The mission of the Diversity in Psychology Committee is to promote social equity and social justice in the field of psychology, which is accomplished through commitment to advocacy and continuous education, as well as recruitment and retention of diverse students. Due to the historical inequity and injustice for underrepresented groups as well as the importance of diverse perspectives in psychology, we hope to contribute to a growing awareness, respect, and appreciation of all individuals, regardless of identity.

Upcoming DIPC Events

Check back here for upcoming DIPC events and talks!

DIPC Officers

Greg Keiser and Katrina McDougall, Co-Chairs

Dr. Conny Kirchhoff, Faculty Co-Chair

Katelyn Brown and Aurora Brinkman, Historians

Subcommittee Chairs

Brenna Boyd, Climate Survey Committee Chair

Erinn Savage, DEIP Talk Committee Chair

Kyle Schofield, Undergraduate Mentorship Committee Chair

Previous DIPC Chairs

2018-2019: Steven Hobaica and Shari Reiter

2017-2018: Emily Faust and Catherine Sumida


DIPC’s Ongoing Efforts

  • Diversity and Ethical Issues in Psychology (DEIP) Speaker Series: Speaker series regarding diversity and ethical issues in psychology with guest speakers, with topics voted by current students and faculty
  • Diversifying Psychology Panel Series: A panel series for undergraduate students to help them become involved in research
  • Partnership with the department’s undergraduate research symposium, with a focus on diverse researchers and topics
  • Undergraduate Mentorship
  • Climate Survey: Ongoing development of a department climate survey
  • Socially Engaged Art: Lectures and performances to promote social change through art

Admissions Initiatives

    • Outreach and recruitment of prospective students from underrepresented groups
    • A student-led non-evaluative panel for applicants during interview day
    • Distribution of diversity-related resources for applicants on interview day

Previous DIPC Events

An asterisk (*) denotes a DEIP speaker.

End of Year Potluck: Hosted by DIPC to celebrate food from ones’ culture

Art as Action, a performance lecture by Jessica Cerullo and Tia Kramer in collaboration with performers from Whitman College’s Department of Theatre and Dance and the Walla Walla Immigrant Rights Coalition.

*”Working with Undocumented Students” presented by Marcela Pattinson

*”Mass Incarceration and Criminal Justice Issues in Psychology” presented by  Dr. Faith Lutze

*”Washington State’s Death with Dignity Act” presented by social worker Jessica Rivers

*”The Historical Relationship Between Psychology and Native America: Disparities in Research and Treatment and Native Perspectives Upon Mental Health” presented by Dr. Kenneth Lokensgard

*”Underrepresentation of Minorities in Academia” presented by Dr. Paul Kwon

*”Psychological Science in a Cultural Context: Role of Self-Regulation in the Depressive Experiences of American Indian Youth from a Northern Plains Tribe” presented by Dr. Walt Scott

*”Seeking Psychological Help Among Asians: From Etic to Emic” presented by Dr. Hsinya Liao

*”Mental Health Issues Among Psychologists in Training and Early Career Professionals, Particularly in Academia” presented by Dr. Conny Kirchhoff

*”Gendered Communication in the Work Place” presented by Dr. Rebecca Craft