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College of Arts and Sciences Department of Psychology

Bertha Rangel

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2018

Contact Information

Office: VCLS 208C
Phone: (360) 546-9691

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Classes Taught

  • Psychology 306: Industrial Psychology
  • Psychology 308: Organizational Psychology
  • Psychology 511: Experimental Design, T-tests, and Analysis of Variance
  • Psychology 519: Industrial and Organizational Psychology Seminar

Research Interests

My research takes a dyadic perspective on interpersonal perception of work behaviors. Specifically, I evaluate factors (e.g., personality and attachment styles) that influence dyadic perceptions of work behavior, including counterproductive work behavior (CWB), organizational citizenship behavior (OCB), and task performance.

Dr. Rangel will be recruiting a graduate student for Fall 2020 admission to the Experimental Psychology PhD Program.

Selected Publications

Carpenter, N.C., Rangel, B., Jeon, G., Cottrell, J. (2017). Are supervisors and coworkers likely to observe employee counterproductivity? An investigation of observability and self-observer agreement. Personnel Psychology.

Dalal, D.K., Zhu, X., Rangel, B., Boyce, A.S., Lobene, E. (in press). Improving applicant reactions to forced choice personality measurement: Interventions to reduce threats to test takers’ self-concepts. Journal of Business and Psychology.

Washington State University