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Washington State University
College of Arts and Sciences Department of Psychology

Courtney Kurinec

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Ph.D. Baylor University, 2019

Contact Information

Office: Johnson Tower 324
Phone: (509) 335-5956

Research Interests

  • Memory
  • Decision making
  • Metacognition and learning

In my research, I focus on factors that can influence memory and decision making in diverse contexts. Specifically, I have investigated how factors such as cognitive load, stereotypes, and metacognitive ability affect the way people are able to recall information and the types of decisions they later make. I am currently working in the Affective and Cognitive Influences of Decisions (ACID) Lab to explore how sleep restriction affects memory and decision making.

Selected Publications:

Kurinec, C. A., & Weaver, C. A. (2019). Dialect on trial: Use of African American Vernacular English influences juror appraisals. Psychology, Crime & Law. doi: 10.1080/1068316X.2019.1597086

Kurinec, C. A., & Weaver, C. A. (2018). Do memory-focused jury instructions moderate the influence of eyewitness word choice? Applied Psychology in Criminal Justice, 14, 55-69.

Scullin, M. K., Kurinec, C. A., & Nguyen, K. (2017). The effects of implementation intention strategies on prospective memory cue encoding. Journal of Cognitive Psychology, 29, 929-938. doi: 10.1080/20445911.2017.1329205

Scullin, M. K., McDaniel, M. A., Dasse, M., Lee, J., Kurinec, C., Tami, C., & Krueger, M. (2018). Thought probes during prospective memory encoding: Evidence for perfunctory processes. PLoS ONE, 13, e0198646. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0198646