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College of Arts and Sciences Department of Psychology

Renee E. Magnan

Associate Professor

Ph.D. North Dakota State University, 2008

Contact Information

Office: VCLS 208R
Phone: (360) 546-9403

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Classes Taught

  • Psychology 320: Health Psychology
  • Psychology 312: Experimental Methods in Psychology
  • Psychology 350: Social Psychology

Research Interests

  • Affective benefits of physical activity
  • Alcohol and Cigarette Use
  • Motivating health behavior change, affect

We apply social psychological theory to address issues in preventive health behaviors and health behavior promotion. Specifically, much of the research in my lab focuses on understanding the role that affect (e.g., worry) plays on health decisions and behavior (e.g., smoking cessation, exercise, cancer screening), as well as understanding the connection between physical activity and stress, and the potential for physical activity to be used as an adjunct in alcohol abuse treatment and prevention.

Dr. Magnan will be recruiting a graduate student for Fall 2019 admission to the Experimental Psychology PhD Program.

Selected Publications

Magnan, R. E., Köblitz, A. R., McCaul, K. D., & Dillard, A., J. (In press). Self-monitoring effects of ecological momentary assessment on smokers’ perceived risk and worry. Psychological Assessment.

Magnan, R. E., Kwan, B. M., & Bryan, A. D. (2013). Effects of current physical activity on affective response to exercise: Physical and social-cognitive mechanisms. Psychology and Health, 28, 418-433.

Bryan, A.D., Magnan, R.E., Caldwell Hooper, A.E., Harlaar, N., & Hutchison, K.E. (2013). Physical activity and differential methylation of breast cancer genes assayed from saliva: A preliminary investigation. Annals of Behavioral Medicine, 45, 89-98.

Dillard, A., Magnan, R. E., Köblitz, A. R. & McCaul, K. D. (2013). Perceptions of smokers influence nonsmoker attitudes and preferences for interactions. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 43, 823-833

Magnan, R.E., Nilsson, R., Marcus, B.H., Ciccolo, J.T., & Bryan, A.D. (2013). A transdisciplinary approach to the selection of moderators of an exercise promotion intervention: baseline data and rationale for Colorado STRIDE. Journal of Behavioral Medicine, 36, 20-33.

Magnan, R.E., & Cameron, L.D. (2015). Do young adults perceive that cigarette graphic warnings provide new knowledge about the harms of smoking? Annals of Behavioral Medicine, 49, 594-604. PMID: 25697134. doi:10.1007/s12160-015-9691-6.

Renee Magnan

Washington State University