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Coug Voices Event

Coug Voices is an opportunity to build community and share stories of resilience, growth, and hope.

The theme of this event is: My Mental Health Journey

We are all on our mental health journeys. If you are willing to share a snapshot of yours, it may help others to know they are not alone. Join us for a round-table discussion on mental health and mental health stigma!


Questions? email:



Additional Information

WhatCoug Voices is a university-wide event hosted by the Clinical Psychology Graduate Student Organization and sponsored by the Coug Parents Foundation.  

WhyThe purpose of the event is to foster community among the WSU student body while also destigmatizing mental health experiences and sending a message of hope to students who are struggling right now.  

HowWe are asking students to participate in a round table discussion about mental health. The idea is to share your story about your mental health journey. Maybe you’ve been struggling through depression or anxiety and sharing your experience could help others know they are not alone. Our mental health journey is never complete, so please don’t feel you need to tell your story as if it is now over. No neat and tidy bows required.  

This event will be live-streamed to Youtube, so others will have the opportunity to join in and hear your story.  

If you’re not sure if your idea is right for this event, reach out! Email us as with the subject line Coug Voices. We are happy to talk you through it.  

When: Thursday April 28th. Time 3-5pm

Who: Any WSU student can participate. The round table will be limited, but but others will have the opportunity to participate by being an audience member through the livestream. If you would like to view the livestream please register using the link below!

Where: Speakers will need to be physically present at WSU Pullman to participate, however the only physically-present audience members will be other speakers and hosts. That way we can record the event from one, live location.

We will be following COVID-19 Safety protocols.