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What’s behind baby’s smile?


Baby in a blue hoodie

Study of U.S. and Dutch infants finds cultural norms influence temperament.

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  • John Wick Suffers Extreme Workplace Rage, Psychologist Says

    Revenge is a dish best served cold, and movie character John Wick has an ice cold touch. In both Keanu Reeves revenge films, Wick keeps getting pulled back into an underground world of organized crime despite his desires to live a normal life. This internal tug of war is at the core of Wick’s convictions, but it’s also at the root of the people who seek different kinds of revenge every day.

    “People want to teach somebody a lesson,” Thomas Tripp, a professor in the department of psychology at Washington State University, told Inverse. “If we don’t believe we’ve taught someone a lesson, we don’t … » More …

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  • How you perceive intelligence could affect your confidence

    What do you think about your own intelligence? Can you make yourself smarter over time, or are you stuck with the smarts you were born with? Your answer could reflect a key personality trait — namely, self-confidence — and whether you might want to help yourself to a big slice of humble pie.

    It turns out, if you view your brainpower as a fixed, innate capacity, you’re also more likely to be … overconfident. This was suggested in a recent three-part study led by Joyce Ehrlinger of Washington State University. It found that students with a so-called “fixed mind-set” were more likely to … » More …

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  • Online psychology degree ranks among nation’s best

    Washington State University recently was recognized for excellence in psychology education among colleges and universities nationwide.

    Affordable Colleges Online (ACO) ranked WSU’s online degree program in psychology among the 12 “Best Online Psychology Degrees for 2016.” Only one other Pac-12 school made the list of 50 top programs among the thousands of colleges offering online psychology degrees.

    “I am especially proud of the ranking because it reinforces for our students that they are in one of the premier programs in the nation, getting a quality education at an affordable price,” said Lee Daffin, clinical assistant professor of psychology in the College of … » More …

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  • WSU’s online bachelor’s degree program earns high ranking

    Washington State University has again ranked highly in a list of the best online bachelor’s degree programs in the country. In U.S. News & World Report’s ranking, WSU came in 15th among all bachelor’s programs in the U.S. Last year, it ranked 34th.

    Four of the six most popular majors for WSU online students are in the College of Arts and Sciences: social sciences, psychology, criminal justice, and political science. Last fall, more than 2,000 undergraduate students, and nearly 1,000 graduate students, were enrolled.

    The university plans to add three online degrees this summer, including a bachelor of science … » More …

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  • Examining toddler temperament around the globe

    How do parents’ cultural values affect their babies’ temperament?

    Maria (Masha) Gartstein, professor of psychology, is on a multi-year quest to find out.

    For the past five years, Gartstein has compared the behavior of babies from around the globe to learn how parents’ values and expectations influence the development of their toddlers’ behavior and overall temperament.

    A greater understanding of these values and their impact on temperament development will help psychologists devise fine-tuned approaches to prevent infant temperament issues from becoming behavioral problems later in life.

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