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Washington State University
College of Arts and Sciences Department of Psychology

Cognitive Psychology

FacultyResearch Interest
Carrie CuttlerDr. Carrie Cuttler’s Health and Cognition Lab focuses on elucidating the potentially beneficial and detrimental effects of cannabis through examinations of the chronic and acute effects of cannabis on mental health, physical health, stress, and cognition.
Lisa FournierDr. Lisa Fournier’s Attention, Perception, and Performance Lab is exploring visual attention, memory, perception, and action.
John HinsonDr. John Hinson’s Affective and Cognitive Influences of Decisions (ACID) Lab examines affective and non-affective factors in decision making and sleep deprivation effects on cognition.
Allison MatthewsDr. Allison Matthews' Lab studies decision making and reasoning, including the role of working memory, the influence of affective information, impact of bias, and the use of heuristics.
Suzanna PenningrothDr. Suzanna Penningroth’s Cognition and Memory Lab studies prospective memory (remembering to perform intentions), lifespan development, prospective memory, cognitive and motivational variables, aging and memory, automatic and controlled processing in real-world retrospective and prospective memory, and memory improvement.
Paul WhitneyDr. Paul Whitney’s Lab examines memory, affect, and decision making and sleep deprivation effects on cognition.