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Washington State University
College of Arts and Sciences Department of Psychology


There are fellowships and grants available through the Psychology Department, Graduate School, and the College of Arts and Sciences.  The grants and fellowships offered annually through the department are competitive, and serve the purpose to financially support travel to conferences and financially reward teaching and research excellence. The department currently awards one teaching fellowship and two research fellowships annually that are significantly higher in pay than the traditional stipends–thanks to the Marchionne Foundation.  The department also offers 4-5 Marchionne Summer Research Fellowships annually, as well as other research awards and conference travel awards to which students can apply.

The Graduate School offers financial support for a two-semester research assistantship for first-year, minority students.  The Graduate School also offers travel funds to present Master’s-level and Doctoral–level research at a professional conference.  Other opportunities for funding are available through several programs at WSU depending on research interests.