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Washington State University
College of Arts and Sciences Department of Psychology

Transfer Students

Step 1: Determine your math course

If you did NOT complete an equivalent to WSU’s Math 103 or higher while at community college OR you scored lower than 45 on ALEKS you will need to take a Math class prior to enrolling in Psych 311.

Step 2: Determine your Biology course

If you did NOT take a general biology with lab course prior to enrolling at WSU you will need to take Biol 102, Biol 106 or Biol 107 at WSU. Please consult with your advisor regarding which of these classes would best suit you.

Step 3: Transfer your courses INCLUDING your AA where applicable

It is imperative that you transfer all your classes into WSU as soon as you possibly can to avoid taking redundant coursework. You can use the Transfer Course Equivalency site:transfer course to determine how your coursework will transfer in. Visit the Transfer Student Guide for instructions on transferring credits. Also, you need to transfer your actual AA to WSU in order to complete your UCORE classes. Once your transcript posts, you will be able to tell when you run a “what-if” report. Your UCORE classes will show as being “satisfied by DTA.”

Step 4. Create a two-year plan

Psych Area 2Psych Area 3Psych Area 1Psych Area 1
Math or Psych 311Psych 312 [M]*Psych elective [M]*CAPS
Psych Area 3Psych Area 2Non-Psych electivePsych elective
Biol 102 or electiveNon-Psych electiveNon-Psych electiveNon-Psych elective
Non-Psych electiveNon-Psych electivePracticum, TA or RAPracticum, TA or RA
16 credits16 credits15 credits15 credits
Apply for admission to the major!Apply for graduation
Complete University Writing PortfolioComplete Psychology Senior Exit Survey

Step 5: Run a “What-If” or “Academic Requirements” report

Before your appointment, please check your my.WSU for any holds you may have that are NOT academic in nature.  Please try to take care of those holds BEFORE you meet with us. We also ask that you run a “What if” or “Academic Requirements” report so that you have a better idea of the classes you still need to take before you meet with us.

Step 6: Create a proposed schedule of classes

Please visit to view available classes.

Step 7: Update your student information if needed

It is each student’s responsibility to keep contact information up to date in order to receive timely appointment notifications. To do this: my.WSU sign-in > Main Menu > My Profile > Update Personal Information

Step 8: Sign up for your appointment now!