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Washington State University
College of Arts and Sciences Department of Psychology

Drugs and Alcohol Research

Faculty Research Interest
Arthur BlumeDr. Arthur Blume’s Lab is conducting research in the context of multicultural psychology, examining how microaggressions, prejudice, and discrimination impact substance use and mental health.
Rebecca CraftDr. Rebecca Craft’s Psychopharmacology Lab studies sex differences in analgesic (pain-relieving) effects of cannabis extract and its constituents, using rodent models of inflammatory and neuropathic pain.
Carrie CuttlerDr. Carrie Cuttler’s Health and Cognition Lab focuses on elucidating the potentially beneficial and detrimental effects of cannabis through examinations of the chronic and acute effects of cannabis on mental health, physical health, stress, and cognition.
Benjamin LaddDr. Benjamin Ladd’s Promoting Treatment and Health (PATH) Lab examines psychosocial risk and protective factors of cannabis use on individual health, particularly regarding measurement of cannabis consumption (e.g., modes of administration, potency).
Renee MagnanDr. Renee Magnan’s Health and Social Psychology (WHSPR) Lab studies perception of risks and benefits of cannabis use, accuracy of these perceptions, and associations with use and related problems, as well as event-level experiences and correlates with other daily behaviors (e.g. sleep, physical activity) and affective experiences.
Alexander SpradlinDr. Alexander Spradlin’s Lab studies the use of cannabis for stress-management, including the short- and long-term viability of such practices.
Sarah TragesserDr. Sarah Tragesser’s Lab studies personality, personality disorders, and substance abuse.
Brendan WalkerDr. Brendan Walker’s Laboratory of Alcoholism and Addictions Neuroscience (LAAN) Lab examines neurobiology of motivational systems, excessive self-administration resulting from alcohol and drug dependence, chronic alcohol and drug-induced depression and anxiety, alcohol and drug-induced alterations in impulsivity, plasticity associated with negative reinforcement mechanisms, molecular and genetic determinants of chronic alcohol and drug-related altered behavioral regulation, and adolescent exposure to alcohol and drugs of abuse.
Raymond QuockDr. Raymond Quock’s Lab examines pharmacology of Hyperbaric Oxygen (HBO2) Suppression of Chronic Pain and Opiate Withdrawal