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Washington State University
College of Arts and Sciences Department of Psychology

Health Psychology


Health psychology in the department focuses on how biological, psychological, environmental, and cultural factors affect health. Research in health psychology examines the causes and development of illness, methods to help individuals develop lifestyles to promote health and prevent illness, interventions to help people cope with and reduce stress and pain, biopsychosocial effects on immune function, and factors in the recovery, rehabilitation, and psychosocial adjustment of individuals with serious health problems, including mental health problems. Note that the Health Psychology interest area within the Experimental PhD program does not prepare students to be clinical psychologists.


Associated faculty: Cuttler, Fales, Honn, Ladd, Magnan, Probst, Tragesser


Research Interests within this area:

Pediatric and adolescent pain (Fales)

Cannabis (Cuttler, Fales, Ladd, Magnan)

Addictions (Cuttler, Ladd, Magnan)

Health behavior (Magnan)

Substance use/abuse and mental health (Cuttler; Tragesser)

Occupational health and safety (Probst)