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Washington State University
College of Arts and Sciences Department of Psychology
FacultyContactResearch Interests
celestina_barbosa-ThumbCelestina Barbosa-Leiker
Vice Chancellor for Research
Washington State University Health Sciences Spokane
(509) 324-7747
SAC 503M, Spokane
My main areas of interest are in gender differences in opioid use, the transition from pregnancy to parenthood in women with substance use disorders, and perceptions of risks and benefits of cannabis use during pregnancy.
thomas_brigham-ThumbTom Brigham
Professor Emeritus, Retired
I am interested in self-management theory and procedures. My research is focused on using these procedures to reduce the personal and societal costs of common self-control problems such as over consumption of alcohol, high-risk sexual behavior over eating, anger difficulties.
naomi_chaytor-ThumdNaomi Chaytor
Associate Professor
Department of Medical Education and Clinical Services
(509) 368-6775
HERB 454, Spokane
Currently recruiting graduate students for the Clinical Psychology PhD Program.
My research is broadly focused on the neuropsychology of type 1 diabetes. Currently funded projects include 1) ecological momentary assessment of cognition, emotion and stress, coupled with continuous glucose monitoring in adults with type 1 diabetes, and 2) a clinical trial of automated insulin delivery in older adults with type 1 diabetes with and without mild cognitive impairment. Other interests include the validation of mobile neuropsychological assessment and ecological validity of neuropsychological assessment in patients with chronic disease.
Rajal_G_Cohen-ThumbRajal Cohen
University of Idaho
(208) 885-1073
Student Health Center 212, Moscow
Research Interests:
• Cognitive and neural factors underlying control of posture and action
• Changes in mobility due to age, experience, training, neurological disease, and expertise
• The role of executive function (especially inhibition) in motor planning
• The Alexander Technique
• Parkinson's disease
kimberly_honn-ThumbKimberly Honn
Assistant Research Professor
(509) 358-7750
CCRS 702D, Spokane
Currently considering graduate students for the Experimental Psychology PhD Program.
Research Interests:
• Sleep deprivation effects on cognition
• Sleep and performance in shiftworkers
• Fatigue risk management and shift schedules in transportation industries
• Health and performance during sleep restriction and recovery
Matthew_Layton-ThumbMatthew Layton
Clinical Associate Professor
Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine
(509) 358-7502
HSB 320F, Spokane
Active research projects include the study of neuroactive steroid hormones known to modulate glutamate and GABA receptors during acute smoking cessation, as well as during psychostimulant withdrawal from methamphetamine, in comparison to healthy control subjects.
Michael McDonell
Associate Professor, Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine
Director, Behavioral Health Innovations
(509) 368-6967
HERB 408, Spokane
Dr. McDonell is a clinical psychologist with over 20 years of experience developing, testing, and implementing strength-based interventions for people with addiction and mental illness in community settings. He is an Associate Professor in the Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine and Director of the Behavioral Health Innovations research group in Spokane, Washington.
mclaughlin-ryan-thumbRyan J. McLaughlin
Assistant Professor
Integrative Physiology and Neuroscience
(509) 335-6448
VBR 235, Pullman
A central aim of my research is to study the role of the endocannabinoid system in the neurophysiological and behavioral response to stressful and aversive stimuli, and subsequently, to determine the extent to which this system is involved in the etiology and treatment of stress-related illnesses. Additionally our laboratory has developed a novel, translationally-relevant model of cannabis vapor self-administration in rats, which we are currently using to interrogate the long-term effects of developmental cannabis exposure on the brain, behavior, and cognitive functioning.
Sterling McPherson
Associate Professor
Assistant Dean for Research
Director of Biostatistics and Clinical Trial Design
(509) 324-7459
ROP 313, Spokane
My research areas include:
1) Development of evidence-based drug/alcohol use disorder treatments, including the use of experimental technologies;
2) Innovative analytical methods to answer novel research questions in psychopharmacology, drug/alcohol use, and nephrology; and
3) Drug/alcohol use disorders as a co-morbidity in high risk populations (e.g., kidney disease patients, severely mentally ill adults, and methadone maintained patients).
frances_mcsweeney-ThumbFrances K. McSweeney
Regents Professor, Retired
(509) 335-5581
Johnson Tower 319, Pullman
Research Interests:
• Habituation
• Operant and Classical Conditioning
• The Matching Law
• Behavioral Contrast
• Within-Session Changes in Responding
andrew_perkins-ThumbAndrew Perkins
Associate Professor of Marketing and International Business
Director of Center for Behavioral Business Research
(509) 335-0940
Todd 390, Pullman
Research Interests:
• Consumer self-identity
• Implicit processes and behavior
• Embodied cognition
• Consumer behavior in virtual environments
John_Roll-ThumbJohn Roll
Professor and Vice President for Research, Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine
Associate Vice President for Health Sciences Research WSU
(509) 358-7836
SAC 503F, Spokane
David-Rossi-ThumbDavid Rossi
Associate Professor
Integrative Physiology and Neuroscience
(509) 335-7671
VBR 355, Pullman
Research Interests:
Neural mechanisms of drug and alcohol abuse. In particular we use rodent models to study what predisposes (genetic or environment) individuals to abuse drugs and alcohol, how chronic abuse of drugs and alcohol affects the brain to promote and maintain further abuse, and how drugs and alcohol affect the developing brain.
Thomas Tripp
Management Information Systems & Entrepreneurship
(360) 546-9754
CL 308E, Vancouver
Research Interests:
• Organizational Justice
• Workplace Conflict (including revenge and forgiveness)
• Negotiations
VanDongen_Hans-ThumbHans Van Dongen
Director, Sleep and Performance Research Center
Professor, Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine
(509) 358-7755
CCRS 702C, Spokane
Dr. Van Dongen's research portfolio is broad, including two particular focus areas in which he is recognized as an international leader. The first involves inter-individual differences in cognitive impairment resulting from sleep deprivation, which he showed to constitute a human phenotype. The second is mathematical and statistical modeling of performance impairment due to fatigue, and the application thereof in fatigue risk management systems.
Steffen-Werner-ThumbSteffen Werner
University of Idaho
(208) 885-9241
Student Health 8A, Moscow
Research Interests:
• Human-Machine Interaction
• User Experience/Usability
• Automotive User Interfaces
• Applied Cognitive Psychology
• Spatial & Visual Cognition
• Cognitive Neuroscience
jay_wright-ThumbJohn W. Wright
Regents Professor Emeritus, Retired
(509) 335-2329
(509) 592-6479
Johnson Tower 124, Pullman
Research Interests:
• Alzheimer's Disease
• Neurochemistry of Memory Consolidation
• Parkinson's Disease
• Stroke related motor dysfunctions