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Washington State University
College of Arts and Sciences Department of Psychology

Committee in Psychology for Inclusion and Equity

Committee in Psychology for Inclusion and Equity

Mission and Values

Founded in Spring 2020, the Washington State University Psychology Department’s Committee in Psychology for Inclusion and Equity (CPIE) comprises faculty and graduate students working together to foster and support diversity, inclusion, and equity within the Department of Psychology. CPIE recognizes that there are many types of diversity, including age, disability, socioeconomic status, educational background, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, religion, national origin, citizenship status, marital status, and veteran status, and that students, faculty, and staff benefit from belonging to a community that values equal opportunity, openness, and engagement with people from diverse backgrounds. CPIE is dedicated to: 1) upholding these values with transparency, accessibility, and open communication; 2) using empirically supported activities, approaches, and initiatives; and 3) collaborating with students, faculty, departmental programs, and the communities that CPIE serves.

Departmental Charges

CPIE has been charged by the Chair of the WSU Department of Psychology with increasing the Department’s prioritization and activity in support of building an inclusive community. Specifically, the Committee has been asked to support the Department by:

  1. Developing and implementing recruitment and retention strategies to attract, hire, and support candidates from diverse backgrounds for faculty and staff positions
  2. Developing and implementing admission, recruitment, and retention strategies to attract and support populations of students with diverse backgrounds at both the undergraduate and graduate levels
  3. Partnering with other organizations to develop new initiatives, or to enhance existing initiatives, with respect to diversity, inclusion, and equity

Committee Activities

  1. Evaluation of existing faculty activities in support of diversity, inclusion, and equity
  2. Partial website redesign to enhance the public face of the Department of Psychology
  3. Consultation with departmental hiring committees regarding job advertisements, applicant evaluations, and other hiring-related activities for new faculty positions
  4. Collaboration with the Department’s Undergraduate Research Symposium Planning Committee on the selection of the next keynote speaker
  5. Training of students, staff, and faculty on DEI-related issues

Committee Members

  • Aurora Brinkman (Graduate Student Member)
    • Clinical Psychology Graduate Student, WSU Pullman

  • Susan Collins (Faculty Member)
    • Professor, WSU Pullman

  • Jessica Fales (Faculty Member)
    • Associate Professor, WSU Vancouver

  • Melissa R. Jenkins (Graduate Student Member)
    • Experimental Psychology Graduate Student, WSU Vancouver

  • Cornelia Kirchhoff (Faculty Member)
    • Clinical Assistant Professor, WSU Pullman

  • Madeline Nagel (Graduate Student Member)
    • Clinical Psychology Graduate Student, WSU Pullman

  • Angela Henricks (Faculty Member)
    • Assistant Professor, WSU Pullman

  • Erinn Savage (Graduate Student Member)
    • Clinical Psychology Graduate Student, WSU Pullman

  • Alexander Spradlin (Faculty Member and Chair)
    • Scholarly Assistant Professor, WSU Pullman


If you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns, please email CPIE at