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Washington State University
College of Arts and Sciences Department of Psychology

Industrial/Organizational Psychology


I/O psychology focuses on individual and organizational dynamics in the workplace. Faculty research focuses on occupational health psychology and examines the impact of a variety of workplace stressors (e.g., job insecurity, work-family conflict, sexual harassment, discrimination) on individual, job-related, and organizational outcomes. Graduates in this area have successfully gone on to applied and academic positions (both in Business Schools and Psychology Departments).

Associated faculty: Peters, Probst

Research interests within this area include:

Occupational health and safety (Probst)

Janet_Peters-ThumbJanet Peters
Research Interests:
• Student, Employee, and Faculty Engagement
• Innovative Instruction and High Engagement Pedagogy
• Student Leadership Development
• Student Attitudes Towards Statistics

Coalition for Healthy and Equitable Workplaces

Tahira M. Probst
While I am fascinated by many different areas of industrial/organizational psychology, my research over the past 15 years has largely focused on issues related to employee health, well-being and safety. In particular, I am interested in the topics of economic stress and job insecurity; accident under-reporting; and organizational safety climate and safety leadership behaviors. In addition, many of my research studies attempt to delineate the extent to which our findings generalize to other cultural contexts and to identify sociocultural variables that may explain any observed differences.