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Washington State University
College of Arts and Sciences Department of Psychology

Industrial/Organizational Psychology


I/O psychology focuses on individual and organizational dynamics in the workplace. Faculty research focuses on occupational health psychology and examines the impact of a variety of workplace stressors (e.g., job insecurity, work-family conflict, sexual harassment, discrimination) on individual, job-related, and organizational outcomes. Graduates in this area have successfully gone on to applied and academic positions (both in Business Schools and Psychology Departments).


Associated faculty: Peters, Probst


Research interests within this area include:

Occupational health and safety (Probst)

Faculty Research Interest
Tahria ProbstDr. Tahira Probst’s Coalition for Healthy and Equitable Workplaces (CHEW) Lab examines occupational health, well-being, and safety, economic stress and job insecurity, organizational safety climate, accident under-reporting.