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Washington State University
College of Arts and Sciences Department of Psychology

Clinical Practica

Clinical training occurs in the following manner. In the second year, students see clients at the University Counseling Services in the fall and spring semesters (Psychology 546) as well as perform psychological assessments (e.g., ADHD and LD evaluations with college students) in the Psychology Clinic (Psychology 545). In years three and beyond, students have some flexibility in tailoring their clinical training to their areas of interest. Beginning in the spring semester of the second year, students are asked to select one or more of the on campus practica (e.g., Psychology Clinic Assessment and Therapy Practicum, Medical Psychology Practicum, and Advanced Counseling Services Practicum). Students nearly always receive their first choice.

 Unless granted an exception, all students beyond the second year must be involved in one of these practica placements. Students who would like to be involved in more than one of the above placements must receive approval from the clinical faculty to take the second practicum. Students must also be involved in at least one psychotherapy practicum each semester in years three and four.

 Students in the fourth year can also select a secondary practicum at an externship site (e.g., Veterans Hospital in Spokane). Involvement at an externship site requires approval by the clinical faculty. Students who wish to take a secondary practicum at an externship site must write a formal letter to the clinical faculty detailing their anticipated time commitment and training plans (including plans for receiving supervision).

 Students are required to be involved in summer practicum each summer starting in the summer after the second year. Students may request exceptions to this policy in order to take part in summer clinical externships or research activities in other cities.