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Washington State University
College of Arts and Sciences Department of Psychology

Student Industry Tour Experience


WSU Department of Psychology prepares future psychologists, with graduates pursuing with a variety of employment opportunities. Student Industry Tour Experience connects students with a variety of employers in the surrounding communities including residential treatment centers, forensic/police settings, geriatric/senior living centers, community sports organizations, and human resources departments, to make students aware of the many career options available to them before completing their baccalaureate course of study.


Your donation will ensure WSU’s psychology majors learn how skills they obtained in the classroom transfer to career opportunities, discovering many they did not know existed. Thank you for supporting the next generation of psychology professionals!


Here is what the students told us about their Student Industry Tour Experience:

“I gained tons of new information about different career options and different ways to get there.”

“Allowed me to expand my thinking and not feel trapped to what certain types of careers I feel pressured into going into. It also showed me the importance of advocating for yourself and taking initiative to explore my options.”

“It was amazing seeing non-conventional jobs with these degrees and I liked seeing real-world jobs. YES!”