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Washington State University
College of Arts and Sciences Department of Psychology

Chris Barry


Ph.D. University of Alabama, 2003

Contact Information

Office: Johnson Tower 316
Phone: (509) 335-4906
Website: Youth Personality Behavior Lab


Classes Taught

  • Psychology 412: Testing and Measurement
  • Psychology 464: Behavior Disorders of Children and Adolescents
  • Psychology 543: Clinical Child Psychology
  • Psychology 545: Psychology Clinic Therapy and Assessment Practicum

Research Interests

  • Adolescent Narcissism and Self-Esteem
  • Psychopathy
  • Social Media Behavior
  • Assessment of Child Conduct Problems
  • Risk/Protective Factors for Youth Behavioral Problems

My research deals with self-perception (e.g., narcissism, self-esteem) and personality features in children and adolescents as they relate to youth delinquency and aggression. I also have investigated the role of self-perception in social media behavior.

Dr. Barry will be considering graduate student applications for Fall 2024 admission to the Clinical Psychology PhD Program.

Recent Publications:

Kim, H., & Barry, C. T. (in press). The moderating effect of intolerance of uncertainty on the relation between narcissism and aggression. Current Psychology.

Barry, C. T., & Wong, M. Y. (2020). Fear of missing out (FoMO): A generational phenomenon or an individual difference? Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, 37, 2952-2966.

Barry, C. T., McDougall, K. H., Anderson, A. C., Perkins, M. D., Lee-Rowland, L., Bender, I., & Charles, N. E. (2019). ‘Check your selfie before you wreck your selfie’: Personality ratings of users as a function of self-image posts. Journal of Research in Personality, 82.

Lui, J. H. L., Barry, C. T., & Marcus, D. K. (2019). A short-term intervention for adolescents with callous-unemotional traits and emotion-processing deficits. Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, 38, 475-500.

Barry, C. T., Reiter, S. R., Anderson, A. C., Schoessler, M. L., & Sidoti, C. L. (2019). ‘Let me take another selfie:’ Further examination of the relation between narcissism, self-perception, and Instagram posts.  Psychology of Popular Media Culture, 8, 22-33.  

Barry, C. T., Lui, J. H. L., Lee-Rowland, L. M., & Moran, E. V. (2017). Adolescent communal narcissism and peer perceptions. Journal of Personality, 85, 782-792.

Barry, C. T., Sidoti, C. L., Briggs, S. M., Reiter, S. R., & Lindsey, R. A. (2017). Adolescent social media use and mental health from adolescent and parent perspectives. Journal of Adolescence, 61, 1-11.